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Welcome to the Thuisgekookt Foundation. We connect neighbors to share freshly cooked meals and social contact.

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What Thuisgekookt Can Do for You - Together Against Loneliness

We help people get in touch with a home cook in their area. The home cook loves to cook an extra plate for someone from the neighborhood who (temporarily) cannot or does not want to cook for himself. This not only provides a warm meal, but also pleasant social contact. This can be a godsend for lonely elderly people, people in a vulnerable position, or people who, for whatever reason, find themselves in social isolation.

In this way we try to make healthy food and social contact possible for everyone. For lonely elderly people, but also for other people who need it. For example, the Home Cooked Foundation combats loneliness among the elderly and vulnerable people.

Our vision for the future: “Back to what used to be very normal together with Thuiskook, neighbors who take care of each other!”

Taking care of each other together!

The employees of Thuiskokook do not take care of the elderly and vulnerable people themselves, but activate neighbors to do so. For example, we are working on a supporting society , in which people at a local level organize basic services themselves . As a result, the neighborhood at the micro and society at the macro level becomes more social, healthier, more sustainable , and of course also cozier . Loneliness is thus counteracted and at the same time the health and happiness of people increases!

At the moment, no fewer than 16,000 home cooks are affiliated with us and more than 100,000 meals are shared per year via Thuisgekookt. For a lot of elderly people that means a fresh hot meal on the table, and a nice moment of social contact. For example, Thuisgekookt ensures that loneliness among the elderly and other people with a vulnerability is reduced.

We help people come together | Create 1-on-1 links between neighbors

Via Thuisgekookt you can have meals delivered to your home by a regular home cook. We link (vulnerable) people to regular home cooks who provide a hot meal for you, so that you always find a familiar face. Someone who provides the meal and who has time for a nice chat. That's what sets us apart from other services that deliver meals at home.

Would you like us to help you find a home chef? Enter your wishes here or call us at 085-0608768 .

Do you want to pick up a meal every now and then?

This can also be done via Thuisgekookt. Here you can search for meals near you. Everyone can use the Home Cooked platform. From young to old, from students to the elderly.

You can easily order meals via the order form on our website after you''ve found a suitable meal. If there is currently no meal that you would like to order, click on the button ' save search '(top right) You will receive an email as soon as something is offered in your area that fits your search.

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This is how it works

The goal of the Thuisgekookt Foundation: neighbors who cook for each other and look after each other. In this way we try to combat loneliness and to help lonely people by means of a warm fresh meal and social contact. Take care of each other, and the world will be a bit more beautiful!

Lonely elderly - make loneliness a thing of the past

What is loneliness in the elderly?

More than half of the people in the Netherlands who are older than 75 feel lonely or sometimes suffer from loneliness. This loneliness was caused, for example, by the death of a partner and / or friends. Or because they are no longer as mobile as they used to be and it is therefore more difficult to get out and about. But at the same time we are living at home longer and we are living longer. Children nowadays also live further away more often than in the past.

Loneliness is a lack or a sense of lack of close people and social relationships. People may feel lonely because they don't have many social contacts, or they may miss a specific type of relationship. For example a partner, a best friend, or nice contact with the neighbors. Loneliness means something different to everyone.

Loneliness can have a major impact on someone's life

For many people, having pleasant social contacts is an important part of their lives. For many, even the answer to the big questions of life, or the interpretation of their meaning, is linked to human contacts and relationships. Just think of family, family life, having children, having a close group of friends, but also the pleasure that people can get from being a member of an association, singing choir or neighborhood society.

Loneliness can therefore have far-reaching consequences. Elderly people who are lonely may feel unhappy. The Home Cooked Foundation therefore contributes to solving loneliness in the elderly by connecting neighbors for a warm fresh shared meal and social contact.

Thuisgekookt is for everyone, but especially for people who are temporarily or long-term in a situation where they could use some help around a hot meal. Or who, among other things, have a need for pleasant social contacts in the neighborhood.

For example, Mrs. Bakker, 92 from Winschoten. She has trouble cooking independently, so her children went looking for help with the hot meal for her. They found a lot of websites and ended up choosing Home Cooked because of the nice social aspect. A neighbor now delivers a fresh hot meal to her home on a few fixed days a week, and then always lingers for a chat.

Mr. Polat, 46 from Utrecht, also uses Thuisgekookt. He had to convalesce after an accident for a while and made temporary use of the Thuiskook platform. Twice a week he received a warm fresh meal delivered to his home by his neighbor. They are now real friends and drink coffee every week.

A program with which we combat loneliness together

We think that loneliness among the elderly or other lonely people can best be tackled locally and in a personal way. That is why we are committed to connecting neighbors. When neighbors share a meal, something special is created. People not only get a fresh hot meal on the table, but they also get to know the people around them. They look at each other, are there for each other, and brighten each other's day. Beautiful, right?

Voluntary cooking as a home cook for the Thuisgekookt Foundation

Do you want to mean something for elderly people who feel lonely and who could use some help with a hot meal? Then register as a home cook at the Thuisgekookt Foundation. Your help is always welcome. A healthy warm meal, a helping hand, a break from loneliness and a smile can make all the difference for someone!

Sign up as a home cook now!

Cooking via Thuisgekookt can be done in various ways. As a home cook you can offer meals at times that suit you.

Cooking via Thuisgekookt can be done in various ways. As a home cook you can offer meals at times that suit you. In addition, we can approach you if someone in your area is looking for help and would like to receive meals from you. You decide for each application whether you can help that neighbor or not.

Thuisgekookt is a platform for hobby chefs who want to share meals at cost price and want to do something for a neighbor. If you create an account as a home cook, you are not committed to anything.

Read here how it works to become a home cook.

Are you unable to figure it out yourself? We will help you on your way, you can always contact us with questions. Have fun cooking!

Want to know more?

On the frequently asked questions page on our website there is much more information for home cooks. Are you curious about the experiences of others? We occasionally share an experience on our social media channels. Like this one from home cooks Gwenda and Ilse on our Facebook page. Or this one, from applicant Damiette . You can of course also follow us on https://www.instagram.com/thuisgekookt/Instagram">Instagram . We also regularly appear in the news and in the media.

Would you like to use Thuisgekookt yourself?

It's very easy! We do it together. We help you to find a home chef who suits your needs online through our website. Then we will put you in touch with that neighbor. This way you quickly have a fresh, warm meal on the table at home.

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