Home cooked in Corona time

Corona means extra crowds for Home Cooked, because sharing meals can very well be corona proof (in consultation with the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, NVWA and RIVM) and can mean enormous help to many people right now. We were already able to help 4,613 applicants in 2020 and we are happy to continue this in 2021.

We do not recommend cooking for (large) groups or allowing pickups to enter. We encourage cooking for people in a vulnerable position, people who are temporarily in quarantine or people who are working very hard right now. You can also just cook for people in the neighborhood, to increase the feeling of togetherness, if you stick to the guidelines. This is possible if we approach you for a specific request, but it is also nice for many people if you offer separate meals. You can have the meals (1 for 1) picked up at your door or hang them on the door handle of your neighbor. Take two steps back and wash hands before and after handling the meal. The concept remains the same: neighbors helping each other with a tasty, fresh, warm meal. We will take a few extra measures. Please read carefully our hygiene and social interaction rules during Corona .