Table cover at Thuisgekookt, fresh healthy meals at home

Are you looking for a table cover meal service or hot fresh meals that are delivered at home? Then you come across many websites with a lot of information. It is quite a lot of work to compare all providers with each other. That''s why we help you!

Below we list the best known providers of a meal service and fresh meals at home. And we explain what we do at Thuiskokook and what we stand for. We are more than just a table setting, we connect neighbors with each other by sharing food!

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But first, what is a table cover anyway? What does Thuisgekookt do? And what makes Thuisgekookt so nice for people who are (temporarily) in a vulnerable position?

What is table cover or table cover?

Tafeltje cover, or table cover, is a service where people who cannot or do not want to cook themselves, receive a meal at home. The term ''Deck your table'' comes from a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm: Deck your table, stretch your donkey and bat out of the bag.

What is Thuisgekookt and how does the Thuisgekookt website work?

Thuisgekookt connects neighbors to each other for sharing freshly cooked meals and social contact. Thuisgekookt serves a table cover service that contributes to people''s health and their happiness.

Via Thuisgekookt you can regularly or occasionally have meals delivered to your home by a (regular) home cook. Would you rather pick up a meal once, or occasionally, from one of the active home chefs? That is also possible! You can easily order dishes via our website.

Read here more about who we are and what drives us.

Who is Thuisgekookt for? Which people often use our service?

Thuisgekookt is for everyone, but especially for people who are temporarily or long-term in a situation where they could use some help around the hot meal.

For example, Mr. Polat, 46 from Utrecht, who is convalescing after an accident and who is now temporarily using Thuisgekookt. Twice a week he receives a warm fresh meal delivered to his home by his neighbors. He has met people in his street whom he had never spoken to before.

Or Mrs. Bakker, 92 from Winschoten, who has trouble cooking independently. Her children signed her up for Thuisgekookt. Someone from her street now delivers a fresh hot meal to her home several times a week, and then hangs around for a chat.

Do you also want to use Thuisgekookt? We help you to find a suitable home cook that suits your needs. Then we put you in touch with that neighbor and you quickly have a fresh, warm meal on the table.

Back to what used to be very normal together with Thuisgekookt: neighbors who take care of each other!

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An outcome in today''s society, in which the intention is that we stay at home longer and make more use of our own network.

You can also become a home cook at Thuisgekookt and cook meals for neighbors!

Do you want to start cooking yourself? We are very happy with that!

Cooking via Thuisgekookt can be done in various ways. As a home cook you can offer meals at times that suit you. We will contact you when someone in your area is looking for help with a meal and would like to receive regular meals from you. Per request you decide whether you can help that neighbor or not.

It is very important for home cooks that they adhere to the established Hygiene and Food Safety guidelines, especially when cooking for people with vulnerabilities. The home cooks themselves are responsible for compliance with those rules. We trust that the home cooks who join Thuisgekookt will do everything they can to provide a safe meal.

Read more about becoming a home cook at Thuisgekookt here

What makes Thuisgekookt so special and different from usual?

“Connection through food, with far-reaching positive consequences” . That is the idea behind the Thuisgekookt Foundation.

We make 1-on-1 links between neighbors and try to make the world a bit happier, healthier and less lonely!

How we do that?

Would you rather see for yourself which meals are offered in your area? Or do you want to pick up a meal every now and then, or once, from one of the active home chefs? That is also possible! You can easily order meals via our website.

You can search for meals near you. If you don''t find something you fancy right now, click the "save search" button (top right). Then you will receive an email as soon as a meal is offered that falls within your search query. You can always easily change your preferences.

Can''t figure it out? We will help you even then!

Hot meals delivered to your home by your neighbors via Thuisgekookt. This is how we help combat loneliness:

The employees of Thuiskokook help (vulnerable) people to come into contact with a home cook close to them. In this way we try to make healthy food and social contact possible for everyone. By means of careful and personal matchmaking and a close collaboration with social services, Thuiskok helps with:

What other Tafeltje Dekje or meal service websites are there?

Vers aan Tafel

Vers aan Tafel delivers frozen meals of your choice on a fixed day of the week. You can keep this in the freezer for another two months. Meals can be prepared in a microwave or an oven. Thuisgekookt, together with Vers aan Tafel, has developed the "Meal Service Plus" package, in which you are linked to a home cook via Thuisgekookt and receive tasty meals from Vers aan Tafel. That way you don''t have to worry about anything anymore. Would you like more information about this? Call us on 085-0608768 .


Uitgekookt is a meal service that delivers ready-to-eat meals at home. The meals are prepared fresh daily and delivered to your home cooled by a delivery person. You heat the meals yourself in a microwave or an oven.


Apetito delivers fresh-frozen meals of your choice to your home. The meals can be ordered in advance in a webshop and can be prepared in a microwave or an oven.

Gotink Meal Service

Gotink Meal Service delivers meals to your home every day (with the exception of Sundays and public holidays). They deliver at noon to people who like to eat hot food in the afternoon. There is a daily choice of two menus. The meal is delivered warm and can be eaten immediately.


Foodconnect delivers fresh meals at home on a fixed day of the week. Meals can be kept in the fridge or freezer. The meals can be prepared in a microwave or an oven.


Maaltijdservice delivers chilled meals of your choice in the morning from Tuesday to Friday. Meals can be kept in the fridge or freezer. The meals can be prepared in a microwave or an oven.

Kant en klaar maaltijden

Kant en klaar maaltijden meal service delivers meals of your choice from Tuesday to Friday evening. The meal is delivered warm and can be eaten immediately, or stored in the fridge or freezer. Then the meals can be prepared in a microwave or an oven.

Eten met gemak

Eten met gemak delivers cooled meals to your home on a fixed day of the week. Meals can be kept in the fridge or freezer. The meals can be prepared in a microwave, oven or steam oven.

What makes Thuisgekookt different?

Obviously, there are many other table top providers out there. We distinguish ourselves from the rest on the following points:

Thuisgekookt does not itself take care of (vulnerable) people, but activates neighbors to do so. In this way we are working on a supporting society , in which people organize basic services themselves at a local level. As a result, the neighborhood at the micro and society at the macro level becomes more social, healthier and more sustainable . And of course cozier.

About Thuisgekookt?

At the moment, no fewer than 16,500 home cooks are affiliated with us and more than 100,000 meals are shared per year via Thuisgekookt.

Thuisgekookt will work together with eight focus municipalities in 2020. Read here which municipalities they are. These municipalities finance the hours needed to make the right matches and develop extra activities. For example, Thuisgekookt can continue to grow in these municipalities and help even more people with a warm meal and social contact.

We believe in the power of sharing. That is why in all other municipalities in the Netherlands, the Thuisgekookt platform can also be used. And that\'s why we help find matches across the Netherlands between home cooks and people looking for a fresh hot meal and / or regular help.

Would you like to use the Tafeltje Dekje from Thuiskok? Of course you can! Enter your wishes here or call us at 085-0608768 .

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