Frequently Asked Questions for home cooks

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For home cooks

How do I register as a home chef?

At you will find the option to register as a cook or as a collector at the top right. Choose chef, fill in your details and indicate what you want to use your chef profile for. For example, you can offer individual meals when it suits you, be approached if someone in your area needs help with the hot meal one or more days a week, or offer yourself as a volunteer who occasionally wants to cook for larger groups such as Home Cooked. event. Have you entered all your details and verified your account by means of the verification email? Then nothing stands in your way to start cooking!

How do I get in touch with someone who can use my help?

Every day we receive requests from people who could use some extra help about the hot meal or who are looking for more contact in their neighborhood. After we have mapped out all their wishes, we look for a home cook who fits. Have we received a request from someone who lives in your area and who matches your chef profile? Then you will automatically receive an email or phone call with all the details. You can check per request whether you can and want to help that neighbor or not. Would you rather start cooking immediately? Then offer a separate meal yourself, you can read below how that works.

How do I offer meals?

Log in to and go to your "cooking dashboard" by clicking on your profile name at the top right. On the right-hand side you will then find a blue button "offer meal". You can choose yourself:

Your meal will be ordered faster if you add a good (preferably one of yourself, but at least a royalty-free) photo and describe the dish as extensively as possible. This way applicants know what to expect and your meal will be picked up by a hungry neighbor in no time.

How will collectors know that I am going to cook?
If you offer a meal, an email will be sent to all your neighbors within 24 hours.

How do I get more collectors?
If you, as a home cook, offer a meal on then it is of course nice if one or more enthusiastic neighbors come over immediately, but that is not always the case immediately. We are happy to give you some tips to increase the chance of collectors!

How do I bring along the meal?
In principle, it is intended that people who collect them bring their own container. However, in times of corona it is nice if there is as little physical contact as possible between the collector and the home cook. We therefore recommend that you purchase a number of disposable containers, for example, so that collectors can safely collect a meal from you.

How do I determine the price per portion?
If you start working as a home cook, you will in principle cook voluntarily and offer meals for the cost price. Yes, this may be based on the costs for groceries with a little extra for gas, electricity and the olive oil that you already had in the cupboard. Most meals that are shared are between € 4 and € 6. We see that more expensive meals are collected less often. If you still want to ask a higher price - because you cook with only organic products or very special ingredients, for example - then it is nice for collectors if you explain why that is in the description. On the website, a Home Cooked contribution of 10% per portion is automatically added to the price you have chosen. For example, if you, as a cook, offer a meal for € 4.00, a collector must then pay € 4.40. Home cooked is there for neighbors. Not for companies or commercial parties. Do you see a home cook who you think does not fit home cooking? Send an email to

Do I have to declare the reimbursement for the meal to the tax authorities?
In principle, there is no income for home cooks, if you follow the guidelines of Home Cooked. You do not have to report anything to the tax authorities.

What about liability at Home Cooking?
Home Cooked is responsible for the platform we have set up to share meals. We therefore do everything we can to provide everyone with the correct information. Home cooking is not liable for any consequences arising from the sharing of meals or contact between neighbors.

What about food safety at Home Cooking?
As a home cook, it is very important that you adhere to the established hygiene and food safety guidelines, especially if you cook for people with vulnerabilities. The home cooks themselves are responsible for compliance with those rules. We trust that the home cooks who join Home Cooking will do everything they can to provide a safe meal.

What are the house rules for me as a cook?
We Don''t like rules so we have as few as possible. To avoid misunderstandings, we have drawn up some house rules and you can find our Prevention and Integrity Policy here.