Frequently Asked Questions for applicants

Below are all frequently asked questions for applicants. Finding what is important to you faster?
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For applicants

How do I register as an applicant?
At you will find the option to register as a cook or as a collector at the top right. Choose pick-up, fill in your details and indicate what you want to use your applicant profile for. For example, you can pick up a separate meal when an active home cook in the area offers a meal or ask us for help if you want to receive regular meals from a regular home cook. Have you entered all your details and verified your account by means of the verification email? Then you can choose a nice meal in the area or ask for help here if you want to be linked to a regular home cook.

How can I pick up a one-off meal via Home Cooked?
Here you can search for the meals on offer in your area. Do you not immediately find something to your liking here? Then click on the "save search" button (top right) so that you will receive an email if something is offered in your area that falls within your search query.

As an applicant, how do I ensure that I receive the meal offer by e-mail?

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your zip code in the search bar and choose the distance to where you want to search, then click on search.
  3. If something is currently offered in the area you have specified, the current meals will appear, if not, nothing will appear.
  4. In both cases, you can click "save search" on the top right of the blue button. You can then give your search a name yourself and choose at what time you want to receive it.
  5. After saving you will receive an email as soon as meals are offered that match your search.
  6. You can find and change your searches in your "request dashboard" in the "saved searches" tab.

How does paying for a single meal via the site work?
You can pay for a meal in cash, via iDEAL or with a U-pass. After selecting your meal and the number of portions you want to order, the meal will be added to your shopping cart. Click on "to checkout" and then choose the way you want to pay.

How do I get in touch with a home cook who can cook occasionally or regularly and bring them along?
Do you want to receive regular meals from a regular home cook because you are temporarily or for a long time in a situation where you could use some help around dinner? We will find a suitable home cook for you that suits your needs and put you in touch with that neighbor. Back to what used to be very normal: neighbors who take care of each other! Call 06-83447197 to get in touch with one of our community managers. On the basis of an extensive intake in which your (diet) wishes are discussed, we can look for a suitable cook.

How does paying for a meal from a regular home cook (1-to-1 link) work?
Depending on the wishes of the applicant and the home cook, mutual agreements are made about this. You can pay in cash, by bank transfer or via the U-pass.

Why do I need to provide a reason for ordering a meal?
We ask for the reason for an order because we must be accountable for our activities to our financiers. Without the subsidies from municipalities and national funds, we cannot keep the website up and running and (vulnerable) people cannot help find a home cook. It is important for them to know the main reasons people have for picking up a meal from us, so that they in turn can assess whether the money is being sent to the right place. All data they receive from us is anonymized.

How do I ensure that I always receive an email when my favorite chef offers a meal?

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the full cook name of the cook you want to follow in the search bar and click search.
  3. If the cook offers something at that moment, his / her current meals will appear. If the cook doesn''t offer anything, nothing will appear.
  4. In both cases you can click on the blue button "save search" in the top right corner. You can then give your search a name yourself (for example: "cook ChantalKijnt") and choose when you want to receive it (1x per day or immediately after the cook has put something online).
  5. After saving you will receive an email as soon as this home chef offers a meal.
  6. You can find and change the chefs you follow in your "request dashboard" under the "saved searches" tab.

How do I cancel a meal?
It is not possible to cancel a meal via the website. In the unlikely event that you cannot pick up a meal, it is best to contact the home chef in time and discuss the options with him / her.

Options include:

What about food safety at Home Cooking?
As a home cook it is very important that you adhere to the established hygiene and food safety LINK guidelines, especially if you cook for people with vulnerabilities. The home cooks themselves are responsible for compliance with those rules. We trust that the home cooks who join Home Cooking will do everything they can to provide a safe meal.

What are the house rules for the collector?
We Don''t like rules so we have as few as possible. To avoid misunderstandings, we have drawn up some house rules and you can find our Prevention and Integrity Policy here.

  1. The collector picks up the meal at the agreed time and complies with other agreements made with the home cook.
  2. If the person who collects the meal does not collect the meal within the agreed time frame, the cook in principle has the right not to provide the meal anymore. It is good to always consult with each other, perhaps an arrangement can be made.
  3. The collector handles the cook''s data discreetly. It is not permitted to pass this information on to third parties or to use it for commercial purposes.
  4. The collector has read through the points for attention regarding hygiene and safety, and will try to comply with them as much as possible.
  5. The collector is allowed to delete already given reviews (thanks). If a collector decides to delete a review from a cook, all reviews from the collector will be deleted from the relevant cook.