How does Thuisgekookt work?

Welcome to the Thuisgekookt Foundation, how nice that you found us! We connect neighbors to share freshly cooked meals and social contact. Whether you are looking for regular meals (from a regular home cook) on set days, want to pick up a meal once or occasionally or have it brought home, or want to start as a home cook yourself: on this page we guide you the different (depending on the help you need or want to provide) submission processes. Are you just curious about who we are and what we are trying to achieve? You can read that here .

I am looking for a permanent home cook
Do you want to receive regular meals from a regular home cook, because you are temporarily or for a long time in a situation where you could use some help around the hot meal? We will find a suitable home cook for you that suits your needs and put you in touch with that neighbor. Back to what used to be quite normal: neighbors take care of each other!

Do you want us to look for a home cook for a 1-on-1 pairing? Call us at or fill out this form

One meal from one of your neighbors
Do you want to see for yourself which meals are offered in your area and place an order once with one of the active home chefs? You can search for the meals on offer in your area yourself. Do you not immediately find something to your liking here? Then click on the "save search" button (top right) and login with your account, so that you receive an email when something is offered in your area that falls within your search query.

Find a meal near you now

No account yet? First create an account, which makes searching and ordering extra easy and keeps all information clearly arranged (you don't have to).

Create an account so that we can email you when someone has a meal offers that fits what you are looking for

Become a home cook yourself
Do you want to start cooking yourself? We are very happy with that. Cooking via Home Cooked can be done in various ways. As a home cook you can offer meals at a time that suits you. In addition, we approach you if someone near you is looking for help and would like to receive regular meals from you. Per request you can see whether you can help that neighbor or not. Home cooking is a platform for hobby cooks who want to share meals for a fee and who want to do something for a neighbor. If you create a home cook account, you are not committed to anything and we will help you on your way, so this is a good first step. Good luck!

Register as a home cook