Frequently Asked Questions about the transition to the new website

Below are all frequently asked questions about the transition to the new website. Finding what is important to you faster?
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How come my account from the old website is not recognized on the new website?
Because we cannot view or transfer passwords for security reasons, you must reactivate your new account. You do this by going through the following steps:

  1. Go to and enter your e-mail address.
  2. You will receive an e-mail with a new activation link (note, this e-mail can end up in your junk e-mail).
  3. Click the blue button "set up your account on the new website".
  4. You will now be taken directly to your profile settings on the new website. When you have completed the full profile, choose a new password at the bottom.
  5. If nothing happens when you click the "activate account" button? Then scroll up, probably something is wrong or some data is missing.

Why can''t I see my subscription / fixed appointment on the new website
The agreements you have made with the people for whom you cook one or more days a week are of course still running, but cannot be seen on the new website for the time being. This is because we are still developing the underlying pages. Your appointment and payment will therefore continue to run via the old website for the time being. Do you want to cancel a meal or view the payments? Then you can log in to The old website will remain online for the time being. As soon as this changes, we will notify you again. Is something not clear? Ask us via 085-0608768 if we would like to have a look or send an email to

Why do mails from Thuis end up in my spam folder?
Because we have switched to a new website from a new provider, our mails may end up in spam. It's a technical story, but it basically boils down to the need to build a reputation first before we are no longer seen as spam. This will take some time, but will be fine by itself.

What will happen with the Thuisafgehaald app?
Various home cooks were using the Thuisafgehaald app. This has unfortunately been taken offline, because the new website no longer connects to this. Unfortunately, we cannot immediately launch a new app. However, the new Home Cooking website can also be used on your phone or tablet! A new app is certainly still on the schedule, but we have to wait a while. By first testing with the mobile website, we find out what must-haves are for the new Home Cooking app and we can spend the budget we have for this as well as possible.