About Thuisgekookt

Connections through food with far-reaching positive consequences, that is the idea behind the Thuisgekookt Foundation. By making 1-on-1 links between neighbors, we try to make the world a bit happier, healthier and less lonely!

How does it work?

Meal sharing can take place once, occasionally or regularly. The Thuisgekookt Foundation uses a digital platform where people can independently look for a home cook in the neighborhood where a meal can be picked up once, but tries especially to realize lasting relationships between neighbors, whereby a meal is shared now and then (when help is needed) or on a regular basis (on one or more (fixed) days a week).

We do this mainly for people who are (temporarily) in a vulnerable situation. For example, for a 92-year-old woman who has trouble cooking and for whom someone in the same street cooks a plate 1, 2 or sometimes even 3 times a week and even brings it home if necessary. An outcome in today's society in which the intention is that we stay at home longer and make more use of our own network.

Infographic Stichting Thuisgekookt 2020

Battling loneliness by sharing food

With the mediation of one of the employees of Thuisgekookt, (vulnerable) people are brought into contact with a home cook close to home and we try to give everyone access to healthy food and social contact. By means of careful and personal matchmaking and collaboration with social services, Thuisgekook contributes to social effects such as living independently at home for longer, reduced burden on care providers, health gains and thus the postponement of care and better integration of people with special features or disabilities. Home cooking does not itself cause vulnerable people, but activates neighbors to do so. In this way we work on a supportive society in which people organize basic services themselves at a local level. As a result, the neighborhood at the micro and society at the macro level becomes more social, healthier and more sustainable. At the moment, no fewer than 14,000 home cooks are affiliated with us and more than 100,000 meals are shared per year via Home Cooking.


We are active in 7 municipalities

Thuisgekookt will work together in 2020 with a number of focus municipalities: Amsterdam, Utrecht, Den Bosch, Groningen, Nijmegen, Nieuwegein and Delft. These focus municipalities finance the hours needed to make the right matches and to develop additional activities in these municipalities to further grow Thuisgekookt there. We are therefore only really active in these 7 municipalities, in all other municipalities the platform may be used (we believe in the power of sharing) and we help make matches between home cooks and people who are looking for regular help, but we do not develop any additional activities.

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