Tasty, fresh and healthy meals that have been lovingly prepared by a neighbor.

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Welcome to the Thuisgekookt Foundation, we are very happy that you found us!

We connect neighbors to share freshly cooked meals and social contact. Whether you are looking for regular meals (from a regular home cook) on set days, want to pick up a meal once or occasionally, have it brought home or you want to pick it up, or you want to work as a home cook yourself: we are happy to guide you through the various (depending on the help you need or want to provide) processes.

If you create the right profile at the top right in the blue bar, we will automatically keep you informed when suitable meals are put online or you can immediately put meals online yourself. And if you are looking for a regular home cook, you can let us know exactly what you would like via the "help me search" button below, then we will search with you.

Are you curious about who we are and what we try to achieve? You can read that here .